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The word "Mojo" means a magic charm, talisman or spell, and our bag has it all. Take a piece of the Big Easy culture back with you. This three part pouch contains momentos of your from your tour.



The love Bag

This bag contains three stones which affect the lower chakrahs, or love chakrahs. Carnelian is for vitality & sexuality. Lodestone is for magnetism & attraction. Red Tiger Eye is for energy & passion. You may carry this bag with you or simply slip it under your pillow or on your nightstand.

The Gris Gris Bag

is made with earthly, local items & blessed. You will receive one in each Mojo bag & it will be chosen randomly for you. Green is for money, red for power, white for health, blue for love, purple for spirituality & gold for success. This bag is never to be opened! You may carry this bag with you or place it somewhere you feel it will do you the most good.

The Voodoo Doll

This item is the most misunderstood, so here is a little history lesson. The Voodoo doll was originally used for record in health records. Your practitioner would fashion a doll in your likeness, then healing energy was put into a pin, which was inserted into the corresponding spot on the doll of a patients aliment. The doll was then given to the patient, who would keep it with them & bring it back for check-ups. It was like carrying around your own health records!

May you and yours be blessed!

Please note - Voodoo is a healing religion in the city of New Orleans, with roots from Africa and Haiti. The items included in the Mojo Bag are not to be used for any type of negativity. They are intended as souvenirs from the City of New Orleans. Please do not dabble in things of which you are not practiced! Do not open doors you do not know how to close!